Super Value Pack 8 Gallon Bags, 0.6 mil, 22" x 24", White, 130/Box

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Super Value Pack 8 Gallon Bags

Introducing Super Value Pack 8 Gallon Bags by Flipcost, the ultimate solution for your home and office waste management needs. These bag boast an impressive 0.6 mil thickness, ensuring durability and reliability for everyday use. With a generous size of 22" x 24", they can accommodate a variety of garbage types, from everyday kitchen waste to office paper trash.

  • Exceptional tear strength
  • Stretch and puncture resistance
  • Ideal for residential household garbage
  • Convenient flap-tie closure
  • Perfect quantity for users with lower requirements
  • Four color retail packaging for enhanced shelf presence

These low-density liners are designed to make waste disposal a breeze, offering superior performance compared to standard trash bag. Whether you're disposing of kitchen waste, office clutter, or general household garbage, Super Value Pack 8 Gallon Bag have got you covered. Say goodbye to flimsy bag that tear easily and hello to reliable waste management with Flipcost's premium-quality garbage bag. Get your Super Value Pack today and experience the difference for yourself.

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