SCT® Bakery Bright White Cake Pad, Single Wall Pad, 1/4 Sheet, 10 x 14, White, Paper, 100/Bundle

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SCT® Bakery Bright White Cake Pad, Single Wall Pad

Introducing SCT® Bakery Bright White Cake Pad, the perfect solution for presenting your cakes with a professional touch. Made by Flipcost, this single wall pad is designed to enhance the appearance of your cakes while providing a sturdy base for transportation and display.

  • Strong Material: Crafted from strong, fluted corrugated material, the Bakery Bright White Cake Pad ensures your cakes remain secure and stable during handling and transport.

  • Moisture and Grease Barrier: With its white coating, this pad provides an excellent barrier against moisture and grease, keeping your cakes fresh and presentable for longer periods.

  • Clean Presentation: The smooth edge and bright white surface of the pad guarantee a clean and professional presentation, making your decorated cakes stand out.

  • Enhanced Icing Colors: By providing a bright white backdrop, this cake pad enhances the colors of the icing, ensuring your cakes look vibrant and visually appealing.

  • Convenient Size: Designed in a 1/4 sheet size of 10 x 14 inches, this pad is suitable for a variety of cake sizes and styles, offering versatility for your bakery needs.

  • Bundle Pack: Each bundle includes 100 Bakery Bright Whites Cake Pads, providing an economical solution for your bakery business.

  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured to high standards, these pads are reliable and durable, offering consistent performance with every use.

  • Ideal for Bakeries: Whether you're a professional bakery or a home baker looking to elevate your creations, the SCT® Bakery Bright White Cake Pad is the perfect choice for showcasing your cakes in style.

Elevate your cake presentation with SCT® Bakery Brighst White Cake Pad from Flipcost.

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