Glue Pen Easy Clean-up, 10 W

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Glue Pen Easy Clean-up, 10 W

Introducing Glue Pen Easy Clean-up:

  • The Projectmate All Temp Glue Pen is a crafting essential designed for precision and ease of use. With its non-stick tip and top-mounted finger trigger, crafting becomes a breeze. Here’s why it’s a must-have for every crafting enthusiast:

  • Non-Stick Tip: Say goodbye to messy clean-ups! The glue pen features a non-stick tip, ensuring easy clean-up after each use.

  • Color-Changing Nozzle: The nozzle changes from blue to red, indicating when the pen is ready for use, making it convenient and user-friendly.

  • Top-Mounted Finger Trigger: With the top-mounted finger trigger, you have complete control over glue dispensing, ensuring precise application every time.

  • Versatile Usage: Whether you're working on plastic, felt, styrofoam, paper, or silk, this glue pen is your go-to tool for all crafting needs.

  • Pen Style Grip: The pen-style grip provides comfort during extended crafting sessions, while the 5" cord length offers flexibility and maneuverability.

  • Compatible with Westcott Mini Glue Sticks: For optimal results, pair the Projectmate All Temp Glue Pen with Westcott mini glue sticks, ensuring a strong and reliable bond for your projects.

When it comes to crafting, trust Flipcost's Projectmate All Temp Glue Pen for unmatched performance and reliability.

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