KrystalView Antimicrobial Clear Desk Pad Protection, Matte Finish, 36 x 20, Clear

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KrystalView Antimicrobial Clear Desk Pad Protection

Upgrade your workspace with the KrystalView Antimicrobial Clear Desk Pad by Flipcost. This transparent desk pad offers a clear view of your important documents, lists, charts, and schedules, keeping them within easy reach while protecting your desk surface.

  • See-Through Design: The KrystalView Desk Pad provides a see-through surface that allows you to keep important information in view at all times. Say goodbye to searching for misplaced documents and stay organized and efficient.

  • Flexible Vinyl Construction: Made from flexible vinyl, this desk pad easily bends for the insertion of materials such as notes, memos, and reminders. Customize your workspace to suit your needs and workflow.

  • Cushioned Surface: Enjoy a comfortable writing experience with the cushioned surface of the KrystalView Desk Pad. Say goodbye to uncomfortable writing surfaces that cause hand fatigue and strain.

  • Nonslip Grip: The nonslip grip keeps the desk pad securely in place, preventing it from sliding around during use. Stay focused on your tasks without distractions caused by a shifting desk pad.

  • Multipurpose Functionality: In addition to protecting your desk, the KrystalView Desk Pad doubles as a mouse pad, offering versatility and convenience in one sleek accessory.

  • Antimicrobial Protection: Infused with an antimicrobial agent, this desk pad actively prevents the growth of germs, promoting a clean and hygienic workspace. Ensure peace of mind knowing that your desk surface is protected against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Enhance your workspace with the KrystalView Desk Pad and enjoy a clean, organized, and efficient work environment. Shop now at


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