Jammers Fruity Juice Pouch Variety Pack", 6 oz Pouch, 40/Carton

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Jammers Fruity Juice Pouch Variety Pack", 6 oz Pouch

Introducing the Fruity Juice Pouch Variety Pack from Flipcost! Sip on the classic deliciousness of Kool-Aid, now conveniently packaged in a variety pack of 6 oz pouches. With a burst of real fruit juice flavor, these pouches are perfect for packed lunches, picnics, or whenever you need a refreshing treat on-the-go.

  • Deliciously Fruity: Each pouch offers the classic fruity taste of Kool-Aid made with real fruit juice. Whether it's the tangy punch of cherry, the tropical sensation of pineapple, or the refreshing burst of berry, there's a flavor for everyone to enjoy.

  • Lower Sugar Content: With 55% less sugar than leading regular sugar drinks, Flipcost's Fruity Juice Pouches provide a guilt-free option for both kids and adults. Say goodbye to excessive sweetness without compromising on taste.

  • Vitamin C Boost: In addition to great taste, these pouches offer a nutritional boost with 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C per serving. Keep your immune system strong while enjoying a fruity beverage.

  • Convenient Packaging: The 40-count carton makes it easy to stock up for the whole family or for events. Simply grab a pouch and enjoy a burst of fruity goodness anytime, anywhere.

Indulge in the Fruity Juice Pouch Variety Pack and experience the perfect blend of flavor, nutrition, and convenience. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the move, Flipcost's delicious pouches are sure to delight your taste buds.

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