Flexible Adhesive Name Badge Labels, 3 3/8 x 2 1/3, White/Gold Border, 120/PK

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Flexible Adhesive Name Badge Labels

Upgrade your event or workplace identification system with Flexible Adhesive Name Badge from Flipcost. These versatile badges offer a reliable solution for labeling attendees or employees while ensuring comfort and convenience.

  • Flexible Design: Say goodbye to stiff, uncomfortable name badges. Our flexible badges move seamlessly with clothing, preventing edges from curling up or badges from falling off. Attendees can focus on networking or work without distractions.

  • Peel-Away Convenience: The unique peel-away design allows badges to separate effortlessly from the printed sheet, while the individual badge backing remains intact until ready to use. Streamline the badge preparation process for smoother event operations.

  • Removable Adhesive: Our badges feature removable adhesive that adheres securely to most fabrics without leaving residue. While not recommended for delicate fabrics, this adhesive provides a reliable hold without damaging clothing or leaving sticky residue behind.

  • Customizable Templates: Personalize your badges with ease using free templates and designs available at Avery® Design & Print. Customize each badge to include names, titles, logos, and more, ensuring professional and cohesive identification for all participants.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Each pack includes 120 badges on 8 1/2" x 11" sheets suitable for laser and inkjet printers. Whether you're organizing a corporate event, conference, or seminar, our badges offer compatibility with common printing technologies for hassle-free customization.

Upgrade your identification system with Flexible Adhesive Name Badges from Flipcost and experience unmatched comfort, convenience, and customization. Shop now at Flipcost.com.


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