Deluxe Extended Insertable Tab Indexes, 8-Tab, 11 x 8.5, Buff, Assorted Tabs, 6 Sets

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Deluxe Extended Insertable Tab Indexes

Introducing our Deluxe Extended Insertable Tab Indexes, a premium organizational solution brought to you by Flipcost. Designed to streamline your document management, these indexes offer unparalleled convenience and durability.

  • Extra-long tabs provide ample space for longer titles, ensuring clear and concise labeling.
  • Effortlessly change or rearrange titles thanks to the user-friendly design, facilitating seamless customization.
  • With double-sided gold Mylar® reinforcement along the binding edge, these indexes boast enhanced durability, minimizing the risk of accidental tear-outs and ensuring longevity.
  • Each set includes 8-tab indexes, measuring 11 x 8.5 inches, with assorted tabs for versatile categorization options.
  • Enjoy the convenience of six sets included, allowing for comprehensive organization across multiple projects or subjects.

Whether you're organizing reports, presentations, or reference materials, our Deluxe Extended Tab Indexes Buff offer the perfect solution for maintaining order and efficiency in any setting. Trust Flipcost for premium-quality office supplies that elevate your workflow and simplify your tasks. Visit today to explore our complete range of organizational solutions and discover how our products can enhance your productivity.



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