AKB132UB 118-Key USB keyboard with multimedia keys, Black


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AKB132UB 118-Key USB keyboard with multimedia keys, Black

Flipcost introduces the AKB132UB 118-Key MM Desktop USB Keyboard in black, designed for seamless and efficient typing and control. This USB keyboard is equipped with multimedia keys to enhance your computing experience. Here's why it stands out:

  • 104-key US Layout: This keyboard features a standard 104-key US layout, ensuring familiarity and ease of use for American users.

  • 14 Internet Multimedia Hot Keys: With 14 dedicated hot keys for internet and multimedia functions, you can navigate the web and control media playback with just a touch.

  • Windows One-Touch Controls: Enjoy easy access to Windows functions with one-touch controls, streamlining your workflow.

  • 5 Million Strokes Per Key: The keys are rated for 5 million strokes each, providing durability and longevity for prolonged use.

  • Quiet Membrane Key Switches: The keyboard utilizes quiet membrane key switches, ensuring a comfortable typing experience without disruptive noise.

  • Spill Resistant Design: Accidents happen, but with its spill-resistant design, this keyboard is built to withstand minor spills and keep functioning reliably.

Flipcost takes pride in offering high-quality peripherals like the AKB132UB USB Keyboard to enhance your computing experience. With its user-friendly features and durable construction, it's an ideal choice for both work and leisure. Upgrade your typing and control experience today with Flipcost.

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