World Centric® PLA Lids for Fiber Cups, 2.6" Diameter x 0.3"h, Clear, Plastic, 2,000/Carton


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World Centric® PLA Lids for Fiber Cups 

World Centric® PLA Lids for Fiber Cups are an eco-friendly solution for serving hot or cold food items. These clear plastic lids are designed for use with fiber cups and measure 2.6" in diameter and 0.3" in height.

  • Crafted from NatureWorks Ingeo™ PLA, a compostable plastic derived from plants, these lids offer sustainability without sacrificing performance. They are suitable for liquids up to 120°F, making them versatile for various beverages and food items.
  • One of the key features of these lids is their compostability. They are 100% compostable in 2 to 4 months when processed in a commercial composting facility, reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.
  • These lids are a practical choice for restaurants, cafes, and food trucks, allowing them to serve sauces, dips, snacks, and more with ease. Their transparent design also allows for easy visibility of contents, enhancing the presentation of the served items.

Whether you're a business looking to reduce your environmental footprint or simply seeking sustainable alternatives for your disposable food service items, these compostable PLA lids for fiber cups offer a responsible solution. Shop now at for an eco-friendly serving option.

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