Wire Bindings 9/16"" Diameter, 130 Sheet Capacity, Black, 25/Pack

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Wire Bindings 9/16" Diameter, 130 Sheet Capacity

Wire bindings are essential for creating a professional finish for bound reports and presentations. This pack of wire bindings features a diameter of 9/16", suitable for binding up to 130 sheets of paper. The black color adds a sleek and professional look to your documents.

These wire bindings are designed for durability, with double-loop construction that ensures long-lasting use. They are compatible with any wire-binding system that has a 3:1 punching pitch and a 32-hole pattern. This makes them versatile and suitable for use in various binding machines.

One of the key features of these wire bindings is their secure closure, which permanently binds your documents together. This ensures that your pages stay in place and maintain a neat and organized appearance. Whether you're binding reports for the office or creating presentations for a meeting, these wire bindings provide a reliable solution.

Additionally, these wire bindings are suitable for both office and home office use. Whether you're a professional looking to create a polished presentation or a student looking to bind a report, these wire bindings offer the durability and convenience you need. Shop now at Flipcost.com to get your pack of Wire Bindings 9/16" Diameter, 130 Sheet Capacity, Black, 25/Pack and create professional-looking documents with ease.

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