Renewable Sugarcane Plates, 9" dia, Natural White, 50/Packs


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Vanguard Renewable Sugarcane Plates

Elevate your dining experience with Vanguard Renewable Sugarcane Plates, brought to you by Flipcost. These innovative plates offer a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable dinnerware. Here's why they're a must-have for your next gathering:

  • Grease-resistance without PFAS: Our molded fiber plates use FDA-approved alternative compounds to achieve grease-resistance performance, eliminating the need for conventional PFAS chemicals. Enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about harmful substances.

  • Made from reclaimed sugarcane fibers: We're committed to sustainability, which is why our plates are made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibers. By choosing Vanguard plates, you're supporting environmentally friendly practices.

  • Versatile and convenient: Whether you're serving hot or cold dishes, our disposable plates are up to the task. They're microwave-safe, allowing you to heat up leftovers or serve piping hot meals with ease.

  • Stylish design: Who says eco-friendly dinnerware can't be stylish? Our Vanguard plates feature a sleek white design that complements any table setting, from casual picnics to formal dinners.

Upgrade your dining experience with Vanguard Renewable Sugarcane Plates from Flipcost. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, our plates offer the perfect balance of convenience and eco-friendliness. Say goodbye to traditional disposable dinnerware and make the switch to Vanguard today. Shop now at for your sustainable dining solutions.

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