Urnex® Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner, 33.6 oz Bottle

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Urnex® Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner,

Urnex® Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner is the ultimate solution for maintaining your milk frothing equipment. With its focus on efficiency and effectiveness, this product ensures your frother stays in pristine condition.

  • Designed in a convenient 33.6 oz bottle, the cleaner effectively breaks down milk protein buildup, eliminating any residue that could affect the taste and quality of your beverages. Its dual-chamber bottle is equipped with a built-in measuring device, making it easy to use the right amount of cleaner each time. With over 30 uses per bottle, it offers excellent value for money.
  • One of its standout features is its compatibility with both auto frothers and traditional steam wands. This versatility allows for thorough cleaning of various equipment types, ensuring no part of your frother is left untouched. The cleaner effortlessly cycles through auto frothers, simplifying the cleanup process.
  • Whether you're using steel pitchers or dealing with tough-to-clean steam wands, Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner gets the job done. Say goodbye to milk residue and hello to consistently delicious frothed milk.
  • This 33.6 oz bottle breaks down milk protein buildup, ensuring your frother operates at its best. Its dual-chamber design includes a built-in measuring device, providing over 30 uses per bottle. Ideal for both auto frothers and traditional steam wands, this cleaner cycles through for easy cleanup, leaving your equipment sparkling clean. 

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