Universal® Light Brown Durable Kraft interoffice envelopes, #97, Two-Sided Five-Column Format, 10 x 13, Light Brown Kraft, 100/Box

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Universal® Light Brown  Durable Kraft interoffice envelopes

Introducing Flipcost's Universal® Light Brown Kraft String/Button Interoffice Envelopes, designed for mailing documents that can't be folded securely. Crafted from durable Kraft stock, these envelopes ensure your important papers stay protected during transit. With a convenient string and button closure, your documents remain securely enclosed until they reach their destination.

Key features include:

  • Durable Construction: Made from sturdy Kraft stock, these envelopes are built to withstand handling and transportation, keeping your documents safe and secure.
  • String/Button Closure: The envelopes feature a reliable string and button closure system, providing added security and peace of mind when mailing sensitive materials.
  • Routing Table: Each envelope comes with a routing table featuring 31 rows, allowing for efficient organization and tracking of documents as they move through the mail system.

Whether you're sending internal memos, contracts, or other important paperwork, these interoffice envelopes offer a professional and secure solution. With their two-sided five-column format and generous size of 10 x 13 inches, they accommodate various document types while maintaining a neat and organized appearance.

With 100 envelopes per box, you'll have an ample supply to meet your mailing needs. Stock up on these reliable interoffice envelopes today and streamline your document handling processes. Trust Flipcost for quality office supplies that deliver reliability and value.

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