TOPS™ Time Clock Cards, Replacement for 1900L, One Side, 3.5 x 9, 500/Box

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TOPS™ Time Clock Cards 

Timekeeping is essential for any business, and the TOPS™ Time Clock Cards, Replacement for 1900L, provide a reliable solution. These time clock cards are designed to be equivalent to time clock manufacturer's cards, ensuring compatibility with your existing system. Measuring 3.5 x 9 inches, they offer ample space for employees to record their clock-in and clock-out times.

  • One notable feature of these time clock cards is their construction. Made from extra-heavy 143-lb card stock, they are durable and resistant to tearing or damage, even with daily use. This durability ensures that your timekeeping records remain intact and accurate.
  • Each box contains 500 time clock cards, providing a sufficient supply to last for an extended period, reducing the frequency of reordering. With these replacement cards on hand, you can maintain smooth operations without interruptions.
  • Whether you run a small business or manage a large workforce, these time clock cards offer a convenient solution for tracking employee attendance and hours worked. Their compatibility, durability, and ample supply make them a practical choice for any workplace.

Upgrade your timekeeping system with TOPS™ Time Clock Cards, Replacement for 1900L, and ensure accurate records for payroll and management purposes. Shop now at for all your timekeeping needs.

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