Small Shag Microfiber Whiteboard Eraser, 2.5" x 5" x 1"

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Shag Microfiber Whiteboard Eraser

Introducing the Shag Microfiber Whiteboard Eraser from Flipcost:

  • Designed for precision: The unique design of our Shag Microfiber Whiteboard Erasers fits seamlessly in your hand, allowing for precise erasing every time.

  • Versatile erasing power: Easily remove dry erase ink from melamine, painted steel, porcelain, glass, and other dry erase surfaces with ease, leaving them clean and ready for use.

  • Soft and fun microfiber: Experience a new level of comfort and enjoyment with our Shag Microfiber Whiteboard Erasers. Its soft microfiber texture adds a unique touch to traditional whiteboard erasers.

  • Durable and washable: Made from durable microfiber, our eraser is built to last. Plus, it's hand-washable with soap and water, ensuring it stays clean and ready for repeated use.

  • Ideal for various settings: Whether you're working from home, teaching in a classroom, or managing a commercial space, our Shag Microfiber Whiteboard Erasers is the perfect tool for keeping your whiteboard clean and ready for use.

Upgrade your erasing experience with the Shag Microfiber Whiteboard Erasers from Flipcost. Shop now and enjoy precise erasing on any dry erase surface.

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