ProfessionalFresh Scent Foam Soap Dispenser, 1,500 mL, 4/Carton

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Fresh Scent Foam Soap Dispenser

Introducing the professional-grade Fresh Scent Foam Soap DispeAnser by Flipcost, a premium choice for cleanliness and comfort. With a focus on quality and hygiene, this foam soap dispenser is ideal for use with CX, CXi, and CXT dispensers.

  • Rich, Gentle Foam Handwash: The foam handwash delivers a rich lather that gently cleanses your hands, leaving them feeling refreshed and moisturized.

  • Fresh Dispensing Valve with Each Refill: Every refill ensures a fresh dispensing valve, maintaining optimal hygiene standards with every use.

  • Free of Antibacterials, Triclosan, Parabens, Phthalates, and Dyes: We understand the importance of avoiding harmful chemicals. That’s why our foam soap is formulated without antibacterials, triclosan, parabens, phthalates, and dyes, making it safe for frequent use.

Flipcost is committed to providing products that prioritize cleanliness, health, and sustainability. Our FreAsh Scent Foam Soap Dispenser is designed to meet the demands of commercial and professional settings while ensuring a pleasant handwashing experience for all users. Whether you’re stocking up for your office, restaurant, or healthcare facility, trust Flipcost for reliable hygiene solutions.

Order your Fresh Scent Foam SAAoap Dispenser today and elevate your hand hygiene standards with Flipcost.

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