Presentation Matte Paper, 44" x 82 ft, Matte White

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Presentation Matte Paper

High-Quality Presentation Matte Paper by Flipcost offers a premium solution for your printing needs. This paper is engineered to deliver vibrant and crisp prints, making it ideal for various professional and creative projects. With its matte finish, it ensures your prints have a refined and professional appearance, perfect for presentations, artwork, and photographs.


  • Instant Drying: This Matte Presentation Paper boasts instant drying properties, ensuring easy handling and preventing smudges or smears, especially when used with Epson® Inks. This feature enhances productivity and efficiency in your printing process.
  • High Color Gamut: Experience excellent color reproduction with our Matte Presentation Paper. Its high color gamut ensures that your prints showcase vivid and true-to-life colors, adding depth and richness to your images and designs.
  • Easy Lamination: Our Matte Paper is designed to laminate easily, providing added protection to your prints. Whether you need to preserve important documents or enhance the durability of your artwork, this paper offers convenience and reliability.
  • Economical Alternative: Flipcost's Matte Paper serves as a cost-effective alternative for projects where the highest color photographic images are not required. Despite its affordability, it maintains a high standard of quality, making it a practical choice for various printing applications.

Enhance your printing experience with Flipcost's Matte Paper. Shop now at for exceptional quality and performance.


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