PLA Lids for Fiber Bowls, 7.5" Diameter x 1"h, Clear, Plastic, 300/Carton


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PLA Lids for Fiber Bowls, 7.5" Diameter x 1"h, Clear

Introducing PLA Lids for Fiber Bowls

  • Flipcost introduces PLA lids for fiber bowls, a sustainable and convenient solution for food packaging needs. These lids are designed for use with hot or cold food items, offering versatility for various culinary applications.

  • 100% Compostable: Made from NatureWorks Ingeo™ PLA compostable plastic derived from plants, these lids are environmentally friendly. They break down completely in two to four months in a commercial composting facility, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

  • Suitable for Hot and Cold Foods: These clear plastic lids are suitable for liquids up to 120°F, making them perfect for a wide range of dishes, from soups and stews to salads and desserts.

  • Ideal for Various Businesses: Whether you're in catering, takeout, meal delivery, delis, grocery stores, restaurants, or food trucks, these PLA lids are a practical choice. They offer secure closure and clear visibility of the contents, enhancing the presentation of your food items.

  • Convenient Packaging: Each carton contains 300 lids, providing ample supply for your business needs. With their sturdy construction and reliable performance, these lids ensure that your food remains fresh and protected during transport and storage.

  • Enhance Sustainability: By choosing PLA lids for fiber bowls from Flipcost, you're making a commitment to sustainability. These lids offer a renewable and compostable alternative to traditional plastic packaging, contributing to a healthier planet.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: While prioritizing sustainability, Flipcost also ensures that these PLA lids are cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly packaging without compromising on quality or affordability.

  • Upgrade Your Food Packaging: Make the switch to PLA lids for fiber bowls and join the movement towards a greener future. With Flipcost's commitment to quality and sustainability, you can elevate your food packaging while reducing your environmental footprint.

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