Permanent Purple Glue Stick Dries Clear 1.27 oz, Applies Purple, Dries Clear

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Permanent Purple Glue Stick Dries Clear 

Purple Glue Stick Dries Clear is a reliable adhesive solution for various projects. Its 1.27 oz size provides enough glue for multiple uses, while its unique purple application allows for easy visibility before drying clear. This feature ensures neat and precise application, making it perfect for tasks where accuracy is essential, such as paper crafts, cardboard constructions, fabric projects, and photo albums.

  • One of the standout features of this glue stick is its quick-drying formula, which creates a strong and permanent bond in seconds. This makes it ideal for situations where you need a reliable hold without waiting for extended drying times. Additionally, the glue is washable, ensuring easy cleanup from both hands and clothes.
  • Importantly, this glue stick is acid-free and photo-safe, meaning it won't damage delicate materials like photos or documents. The adhesive applies white or purple and dries clear, guaranteeing a clean and professional finish. Whether you're working on school assignments, DIY projects, or arts and crafts, this glue stick is a safe and effective choice for all ages.
  • This washable glue stick easily washes off hands and clothes for quick cleanup. Additionally, it's acid-free and photo-safe, so it won't damage your precious memories. The adhesive goes on white or purple and dries clear, ensuring a clean finish every time. Safe to use at school or home, this glue stick is a convenient and reliable option for all your sticking needs. 

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