Quick-drying Permanent Glue Stick, 0.26 oz, Applies White, Dries Clear

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Quick-drying Permanent Glue Stick 

The Quick-drying Permanent Glue Stick is a must-have for any home, school, or office environment. Its convenient size of 0.26 oz makes it easy to handle and store. This glue stick applies white, ensuring precision during application, but dries clear, leaving your projects looking clean and professional.

  • With its quick-drying formula, this glue stick offers immediate bonding, making it ideal for those who need to work efficiently. It provides a strong and permanent hold on various materials including paper, cardboard, fabric, and photos. Whether you're crafting, scrapbooking, or creating presentations, this glue stick is up to the task.
  • One of its standout features is its washability. The adhesive easily washes off hands and clothes, allowing for quick cleanup and minimizing mess. Additionally, the glue is acid-free and photo-safe, ensuring that it won't damage precious photos or documents over time.
  • The versatility and reliability of this glue stick make it a valuable addition to any workspace. Whether you're a student, teacher, artist, or professional, you can trust this glue stick to get the job done right. Get yours today at Flipcost.com and experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Quick-drying Permanent Glue Stick.

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