Master Caster Deluxe Futura Casters, Flush Mount, Grip Ring Type B and Type K Stems, 2.19" Soft Polyurethane Wheel, Matte Black, 5/Set

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Master Caster Deluxe Futura Casters

Elevate the mobility and style of your office or home furniture with the Master Caster Deluxe Futura Casters. Designed for both aesthetics and functionality, these replacement casters feature a sleek matte black finish and a sturdy 2.19" soft polyurethane wheel. Whether for office chairs or other furnishings, these casters offer reliable performance and a modern touch.

Key Features:

  • Set of 5 replacement casters for office and home furnishings
  • Includes 10 stem fasteners: 5 each of 7/16" x 7/8" and 3/8" x 7/8"
  • Compatible with most metal bases
  • Manufacturer's guarantee against defects in material and workmanship

Ensure a secure and stable fit by matching the 1-1/2" diameter chair base with the caster's neck, creating a solid unit for safe rolling and support. These casters are not just about mobility; they're about enhancing the overall look and feel of your space.

Upgrade your furniture with casters that offer both style and substance. With their contemporary design and robust construction, the Master Caster Deluxe Futura Casters are the perfect choice for those who demand quality and performance. Shop now at and experience the difference for yourself.


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