Innovera® Blackout Privacy Filter for 19" Flat Panel Monitor

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Privacy Filter Monitor Screen Blackout

Introducing the Innovera® Privacy Filter Monitor Screen Blackout Filter for 19" Flat Panel Monitor, exclusively brought to you by Flipcost.

  • Enhance privacy: The Privacy Filter ensures the confidentiality of on-screen data on your notebook or LCD monitor by utilizing Microlouver technology, creating a narrow viewing angle.
  • Narrow viewing angle: With this technology, the image is only visible to those directly in front of the screen, preventing unwanted viewing from the sides.
  • Glare reduction and increased contrast: Not only does the filter safeguard your privacy, but it also reduces glare and enhances contrast for a clearer, more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Surface protection: In addition to privacy features, this filter protects your delicate monitor surface from damage, ensuring its longevity and performance.
  • Easy maintenance: The Privacy Filter overlays the monitor surface effortlessly and includes a microfiber cleaning cloth for convenient maintenance, keeping your screen clean and clear.

Upgrade your privacy and protect your valuable on-screen data with the Innovera® Blackout Privacy Filter, available now at Flipcost.

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