Heritage High-Density Waste Can Liners, 16 gal, 6 mic, 24" x 33", Natural, 50 Bags/Roll, 20 Rolls/Carton

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Heritage High-Density Waste Can Liners 16gal

Heritage High-Density Waste Can Liners 16gal are designed to provide durability and strength for a variety of waste disposal needs. With a capacity of 16 gallons, these liners are ideal for use in both commercial and residential settings.

  • Constructed from high-density polyethylene, these liners offer superior strength and tear resistance, making them suitable for containing heavier loads without the risk of splitting or tearing. Their star-sealed bottom enhances their lifting strength while minimizing stretching, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions.
  • These waste can liners are not only strong but also economical, offering cost-effective waste management solutions for businesses and households alike. Their natural color blends seamlessly with any environment, maintaining a clean and professional appearance.
  • Additionally, these liners are split-resistant, making them suitable for disposing of heavier loads that may not contain sharp objects. Whether used in kitchens, offices, or industrial settings, these liners provide reliable containment for various types of waste.

Overall, Heritage High-Density Waste Can Liners offer a practical and efficient solution for managing waste, combining strength, durability, and affordability in one product. Shop now at Flipcost.com to get these reliable liners for your waste management needs.

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