Heavy-duty view binder DuraHinge, One Touch EZD Rings/Extra-Wide Cover, 3 Ring, 1.5" Capacity, 11 x 8.5, White, (1319)

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Heavy-duty view binder DuraHinge, One Touch EZD Rings/Extra-Wide Cover

Introducing our heavy-duty view binder with DuraHinge, the perfect solution for extended use. Here are the key features:

  • DuraHinge® design: Stronger, longer-lasting, and tear-resistant.
  • DuraEdge® technology: Makes the sides and top more pliable to resist splitting.
  • Deep texture film: Offers a smoother finish with a high-quality linen pattern for a professional look and feel.
  • One Touch EZD® rings: Provide easy access and higher page capacity compared to standard round rings.
  • Wide front and back binder panels: Fully cover standard dividers and sheet protectors.
  • Four clear interior pockets: Extra storage space for documents and loose materials.
  • Clear cover and spine: Easy customization for labeling and personalization.

Flipcost brings you a binder that stands out with its durability and functionality. The DuraHinge design ensures that your binder can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, while the DuraEdge technology enhances its longevity. The deep texture film not only gives it a polished appearance but also adds to its durability.

The One Touch EZD rings make it effortless to add or remove pages, allowing for smooth organization of your documents. Plus, the wide front and back binder panels ensure that your dividers and sheet protectors are fully covered for added protection.

With four clear interior pockets, you have extra storage space for important papers or reference materials. The clear cover and spine make customization a breeze, so you can easily label your binder for quick identification.

Customize your binder further with free, easy-to-use templates and designs available at Avery® Design & Print online. Whether for office use or school projects, this heavy-duty view binder from Flipcost is the ultimate choice for durability, functionality, and style.

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