Heavy-duty non-view binder durability, Locking One Touch EZD Rings and Thumb Notch, 3 Rings, 5" Capacity, 11 x 8.5, Black

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Heavy-duty non-view binder durability, Locking One Touch EZD Rings and Thumb Notch

Introducing Flipcost's Heavy-duty non-view binder durability:

  • Built for extended use with heavy-duty materials
  • DuraHinge® design ensures tear-resistance and durability
  • DuraEdge feature makes sides and top more pliable, resisting splitting
  • Deep texture film offers a smoother finish with a high-quality linen pattern
  • Features four clear interior pockets for extra storage

Flipcost's Heavy-Duty Non-View Binder is designed to withstand the demands of frequent use, providing durability and reliability. The tear-resistant DuraHinge® design ensures that the binder lasts longer, making it ideal for organizing documents in busy office environments. The DuraEdge feature enhances the binder's durability by making the sides and top more flexible, resisting splitting even with repeated use.

With its deep texture film, the binder offers a smooth finish and a luxurious linen pattern, giving your documents a professional appearance. The four clear interior pockets provide additional storage space for loose papers, ensuring everything stays organized and easily accessible.

Wider front and back panels fully cover standard dividers and sheet protectors, keeping your documents secure and protected. The One Touch slant rings open with ease and keep pages secure, offering a higher page capacity compared to round rings of the same size. Plus, the back-mounted rings allow pages to lie flat, ensuring a clean spine for a polished presentation.

Constructed from heavy-duty, non-stick poly material, Flipcost's binders won’t lift ink or toner off printed pages, preserving the integrity of your documents. Upgrade to the Heavy-Duty Non-View Binder for unmatched durability and reliability in your organization's document management.

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