EcoPrep EPP Specialty Pads, 20 x 14, Maroon, 10/Carton

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EcoPrep EPP Specialty Pads

EcoPrep EPP Specialty Pads Maroon by Flipcost offer a revolutionary solution for efficient floor maintenance. Designed for both wet and dry stripping, these pads provide chemical-free stripping capabilities, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly process. With a focus on deep scrubbing, they effectively remove tough stains and grime, rejuvenating surfaces to their former glory. Whether you're preparing for recoating or repairing wood floor finishes, EcoPrep EPP Pads Maroon deliver exceptional results every time.

  • Chemical-Free Stripping: EcoPrep EPP Pads Maroon offer a safe alternative to traditional stripping methods, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals while achieving superior results.
  • Versatile Usage: These pads are suitable for both wet and dry applications, providing flexibility and convenience for various floor maintenance tasks.
  • Deep Scrubbing Power: Engineered for deep scrubbing, EcoPrep EPP Pads Maroon effectively lift stubborn dirt and grime, leaving surfaces immaculately clean.
  • Wood Floor Repair: Ideal for repairing wood floor finishes, these pads prepare surfaces for recoating, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.

Experience the difference with EcoPrep EPP Pads Maroon by Flipcost. Shop now for a hassle-free floor maintenance solution at


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