Pack n' Serve Catering Plastic Dome Lids, 12" Diameter x 1.5"h, Clear, 25/Carton

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Pack n' Serve Catering Plastic Dome Lids

Pack n' Serve Catering Plastic Dome Lids offer a convenient solution for catering professionals, ensuring efficient and mess-free service. Here's why they're a must-have for your next event:

  • Leak-Resistant Design: Say goodbye to messy spills with these lids' leak-resistant construction. The secure rim closure ensures that liquids stay contained, providing peace of mind during transport and service.

  • Stackable for Stability: Designed with a unique stacking system, these lids allow for nesting, providing stability during transportation. This feature minimizes the risk of accidents, keeping your food items secure and intact.

  • Dome and Flat Lid Options: Whether you need a dome or flat lid, Caterline Pack n' Serve Plastic Lids have you covered. Both options offer the same benefits of stacking, leak resistance, and convenient gripping tabs.

With Caterline Pack n' Serve Plastic Lids, catering becomes more efficient and hassle-free. Invest in these reliable lids today and elevate your catering experience. Shop now at for unbeatable deals and fast shipping.

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