Caterline Casuals Thermoformed Platters, 16" Diameter, Black, Plastic, 25/Carton


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Caterline Casuals Thermoformed Platters 

Thermoformed platters, such as Caterline Casuals Thermoformed Platters, offer a practical and versatile solution for catering needs. These platters, with a diameter of 16 inches, are made of black plastic and come in a pack of 25. They are designed to be crack- and crush-resistant, ensuring durability during transport and use.

  • One of the key features of these platters is their convenience for both displays and storage. Whether you're showcasing appetizers at a party or storing leftovers in the fridge, these platters provide a reliable option. Additionally, their easy nesting design makes them space-efficient when not in use, allowing for convenient storage in crowded kitchens or catering facilities.
  • For businesses looking for an economical catering choice, these thermoformed platters are a great option. They offer durability and functionality at an affordable price point, making them suitable for various events and occasions. Whether you're catering a corporate luncheon or a family gathering, these platters can meet your needs without breaking the budget.
  • In summary, Caterline Casuals Thermoformed Platters are crack- and crush-resistant, convenient for displays and storage, and offer an economical solution for catering needs. Available at, these platters provide reliability and practicality for any catering event.

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