Boardwalk® High-Density Can Liners, 60 gal, 14 mic, 38" x 58", Black, 25 Bags/Roll, 8 Rolls/Carton


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Boardwalk® High-Density Can Liners

Introducing our Can Liners 60 gal, the ultimate solution for your waste management needs. Crafted from 100% prime resin, these liners by Flipcost ensure unparalleled strength and durability, offering reliable performance with every use. Here's why you should choose Boardwalk® High-Density Can Liners:

  • Strength and Durability: Made from 100% prime resin, these liners are designed to withstand heavy loads without tearing or puncturing, ensuring that your waste stays contained.
  • Even Weight Distribution: Featuring a star-seal bottom, our liners ensure even weight distribution, preventing leaks and spills while making removal from receptacles a breeze.
  • Convenient Dispensing: With coreless perforated rolls, these liners offer hassle-free dispensing on the go, allowing for efficient and convenient waste management in any setting.
  • Quality Performance: Designed for light-duty collection, our High-Density deliver quality performance you can trust, making them ideal for a variety of environments, from offices to restaurants to schools.

Experience the convenience and reliability of Boardwalk® Liners 60 gal for yourself. Shop now at and revolutionize your waste management routine.


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