Avery-Style Legal Tab Divider, 26-Tab, Exhibit B, 11 x 8.5, White, 25/Pack, (1372)

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Avery-Style Legal Tab Divider, 26-Tab, Exhibit B, 11 x 8.5, White

Introducing Avery-Style Legal Tab Divider

  • Finding the right tools for organizing legal documents is crucial for any law office or business. Avery-Style Legal Tab Divider offers a convenient solution for categorizing and accessing important documents with ease. Here's why it's a must-have for your office:

  • Rip Proof™ Reinforced Tabs: Each tab is reinforced on both sides, ensuring durability and longevity. You can rely on these dividers to withstand frequent handling and flipping without tearing or wearing out.

  • Easy-to-Read Helvetica Bold Type: The tabs feature clear, bold lettering in Helvetica font, making them highly legible and easy to locate. Whether you're flipping through documents quickly or browsing through a file, finding the right section is effortless.

  • Unpunched for Flexibility: These dividers come unpunched, providing flexibility in binding. You can customize your filing system according to your preferences, whether you use a binder, prong fasteners, or other binding methods.

Avery-Style Lxegal Tab Divider, manufactured by Flipcost, is designed to streamline your document organization process. With 26 tabs labeled from Exhibit A to Z, you can efficiently categorize your legal documents for easy reference. Each pack contains 25 dividers, ensuring you have an ample supply to organize multiple projects or case files.

Whether you're a legal professional, educator, or business owner, maintaining an organized filing system is essential for productivity and efficiency. Flipcost's Avexry-Style Legal Tab Divider offers the durability, clarity, and flexibility you need to keep your documents in order. Order now from Flipcost.com and experience hassle-free organization for your legal documents

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