Armor Antimicrobial Receipt Roll Paper, 3" x 130 ft, White, 50/Carton

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Antimicrobial receipt roll paper

    • Flipcost presents an innovative solution for ensuring cleanliness and safety in transactions with Armor Antimicrobial Receipt Roll Paper. Designed to combat microbial growth, this cutting-edge product provides a reliable barrier against harmful microorganisms, safeguarding both businesses and customers alike. Here's why Armor Antimicrobial Receipt Roll Papers is essential for maintaining hygienic transactions:

    • Microbial Protection: Armor Antimicrobial Receipt Roll Papers is fortified with a specialized formula that shields against microbial transfer and growth, minimizing the risk of contamination during transactions.

    • Barrier Creation: By creating a robust barrier, this papers inhibits the growth of microorganisms, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for handling receipts.

    • Silver Ion Technology: Embedded silver ions actively combat any microbes present on the papers, preventing them from proliferating and ensuring a sterile transaction process.

    • Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, Armor Antimicrobial Receipt Roll Papers maintains its integrity even under prolonged use, guaranteeing reliable performance in various business settings.

    • Versatile Application: Whether in retail stores, restaurants, or other establishments, this antimicrobial receipt roll papers is a versatile solution for promoting cleanliness and safety in transactions.

    Flipcost is committed to offering high-quality products that prioritize hygiene and customer satisfaction. With Armor Antimicrobial Receipt Roll Papers, businesses can elevate their standards of cleanliness and provide customers with peace of mind during transactions. Stay protected with Armor Antimicrobial Receipt Roll Papers, available now at


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