Efficient Automatic Hand Dryer Stainless Steel, Brushed

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Efficient Automatic Hand Dryer Stainless Steel, Brushed

Introducing Efficient Automatic Hand Dryer Stainless by Flipcost

  • The VERDEdri Hand Dryer by Flipcost is a state-of-the-art solution designed for efficient and hygienic hand drying. With a focus on speed, hygiene, and durability, this hand dryer offers unparalleled performance in any restroom setting. Here's why it stands out:

  • Twelve-second dry time: Say goodbye to long waiting times with this hand dryer's rapid drying technology. Users can enjoy quick and efficient hand drying in just seconds.

  • Automatic surface-mount installation: Simplify installation and reduce costs with the automatic surface-mount feature. No complicated setup required, saving time and money on installation.

  • High intensity single port nozzle: The high-intensity nozzle ensures thorough hand drying with precision and efficiency.

  • Energy efficient: With a power consumption of only 950 watts, this hand dryer is not only powerful but also energy-efficient, saving on electricity costs.

  • HEPA filter: The built-in HEPA filter reduces contaminants in the air during hand drying, promoting a cleaner and healthier restroom environment.

  • Adjustable two-speed controls: Customize drying time, sound level, and energy savings according to your preferences with the adjustable two-speed controls.

  • Universal voltage: Accepts a wide range of voltages, making it suitable for various locations and installations.

  • SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology: The dryer incorporates SteriTouch® antimicrobial technology, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungus, thus extending its service life.

  • IP24 rating: With an IP24 rating, this hand dryer provides protection against harmful water ingress, ensuring reliability even in challenging environments.

  • Durable and vandal-resistant: Built to withstand heavy use and vandalism, this hand dryer is a reliable solution for high-traffic restrooms.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of the VERDEdri Hand Dryer by Flipcost. Shop now at Flipcost.com.

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