Vanguard Renewable and Compostable Sugarcane Portion Cups, 2 oz, White, 2,500/Carton


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Vanguard Renewable and Compostable Sugarcane Portion Cups 

These Vanguard Renewable and Compostable Sugarcane Portion Cups offer an eco-friendly solution for serving small portions of food or beverages. Made with rapidly renewable resources like sugarcane and bamboo, these cups are designed with sustainability in mind. The choice of materials ensures that these portion cups are compostable, minimizing environmental impact.

  • With a capacity of 2 oz, these white portion cups are perfect for serving sauces, condiments, or small snacks. They are microwaveable and freezable, providing versatility for both hot and cold food items. This feature makes them ideal for use in various settings, whether it's for serving hot soups or chilled desserts.
  • Additionally, these portion cups are grease- and cut-resistant, maintaining their integrity even when used with oily or saucy foods. This durability ensures that they can withstand handling and transport without leaking or becoming soggy.
  • Importantly, these cups are free from PFAS, offering peace of mind regarding harmful chemicals. PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a group of synthetic chemicals often found in food packaging that can have adverse health effects and are harmful to the environment. By choosing these compostable sugarcane portion cups, you're opting for a safer and more sustainable alternative.
  • Whether you're organizing a catered event, running a food service establishment, or hosting a party at home, these compostable portion cups provide a convenient and environmentally friendly solution. With their combination of functionality, sustainability, and safety, they are a practical choice for conscientious consumers and businesses alike.

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