Twice as Fresh® Heavy Duty Coin-Vend Bleach Powdered Chlorine, 1 load, 100/Carton

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Heavy Duty Coin-Vend Bleach

Introducing Heavy Duty Coin-Vend Bleach by Flipcost:

    • Powerful Stain Removal: Flipcost introduces Heavy Duty Coin-Vend Bleach, a potent solution to remove stubborn stains and revitalize whites effortlessly.

    • Designed for Coin Vending Machines: Our bleach is specifically formulated and packaged for seamless use in coin vending machines, ensuring convenient access and easy dispensing.

    • Ideal for Commercial Use: Catering to the needs of laundromats, hotels, and extended stay facilities, our Coin-Vend Bleach guarantees professional-grade results with every wash.

    • Maximum Brightness: Say goodbye to dull, dingy fabrics. Our bleach not only removes stains effectively but also brightens whites, leaving garments looking twice as fresh.

    • Convenient Packaging: Each carton contains 100 packs of 1-load bleach, providing ample supply for your commercial needs without compromising on quality.

    • Trusted Quality from Flipcost: With a commitment to excellence, Flipcost ensures that every pack of Coin-Vend Bleach meets rigorous quality standards, delivering consistent performance and customer satisfaction.

    • Versatile Application: Whether it's for commercial laundry services or guest amenities in hospitality settings, our bleach is the ultimate solution for maintaining cleanliness and freshness.

Elevate Your Laundry Experience: Experience the difference with Flipcost's Heavy Duty Coin Vend Bleach - the trusted choice for superior stain removal and unparalleled brightness. Order now at and witness the transformation in your laundry routine.

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