Treated ClearVue Locking Binder Slant-D Ring, 3 Rings, 5"" Capacity, 11 x 8.5, White

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Treated ClearVue Locking Binder 

Treated ClearVue Locking Binder: Secure Protection for Your Documents

Guard your important documents against bacteria and fungus with the Treated ClearVue Locking Binders. This innovative binders features a treated material surface that inhibits the growth of harmful microbes, ensuring the longevity of your files. With a spacious 5" capacity, it provides ample room for organizing and storing your paperwork effectively.


  • Clear Overlay: Customize your binders effortlessly with a clear overlay on all three sides, allowing for easy insertion of cover sheets and spine labels.
  • Locking Rings: Equipped with secure locking rings and GelTab™ triggers for smooth operation, this binders ensures that your pages stay in place without the risk of accidental openings.
  • Additional Storage: Utilize the horizontal pockets on the inside front and back covers to store loose papers, notes, or business cards conveniently.
  • PVC-Free, Non-Stick: Made from PVC-free materials, this binders is environmentally friendly and non-stick, preventing ink transfer and ensuring a clean, professional presentation.

Enhance organization and protect your documents with the Treated ClearVue Locking Binders. Shop now at for reliable document storage solutions.

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