Stainless Steel Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Utility Shelf, 16 x 5 x 3.88

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Stainless Steel Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Introducing the Stainless Steel Toilet Tissue Dispenser by Flipcost:

Upgrade your restroom facilities with the Stainles Steel Toilet Tissue Dispenser by Flipcost. This innovative product combines functionality with sleek design to provide a convenient solution for your toilet tissue needs. Here's why our dispensers stands out:

  • Satin finish stainles steel ensures durability and resistance to corrosion, perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • The built-in utility shelf adds extra functionality, allowing you to store additional items such as spare rolls or personal hygiene products.
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty internal spring, this dispensers securely holds two rolls of toilet tissue, ensuring a continuous supply for your patrons.
  • Its compact design, measuring 16 x 5 x 3.88 inches, makes it suitable for installation in various restroom layouts.

Flipcost takes pride in offering products that prioritize quality and practicality. With our Stainless Steel Toilet Tissue, you can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your restroom while providing a reliable solution for your guests' needs. Upgrade your facilities today with Flipcost

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