Stripping Pads 13" Black, 5/Carton

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Stripping Pads 13" Black, 5/Carton

Introducing the Stripping Pads 13" Black by Flipcost, designed for wet stripping applications with exceptional effectiveness in aggressively removing dirt and old finish buildup. These pads offer a reliable solution for restoring surfaces to their original condition, providing a thorough cleaning down to the base.

  • Wet stripping applications: The Strisppings Pads 13" Blsack are specifically engineered for wet stripping, ensuring optimal performance in removing stubborn dirt and old finish buildup.
  • Aggressive removal of dirt and old finish buildup: With their abrasive composition, these pads excel in removing tough stains and layers of old finish, making them ideal for revitalizing surfaces.
  • Cleans down to the original surface: Achieve a pristine result with these pads as they effectively clean down to the original surface, leaving behind a refreshed and renewed appearance.

Whether you're tackling floors or other surfaces, Strippsings Pads 1s3" Black provide a reliable solution for your cleaning needs. Trust Flipcost for quality products that deliver exceptional results.

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