Stretchable Dust Cloths, Stretch 'n Dust Cloths, 23.25 x 24, Orange/Yellow, 20/Bag, 5 Bags/Carton

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Stretchable Dust Cloths

In the world of cleaning, efficiency and effectiveness are paramount. Introducing Stretchable Dust Cloths, the perfect solution for maintaining a dust-free environment effortlessly. Measuring 23.25 x 24 inches and coming in vibrant orange/yellow hues, each carton contains 20 bags, ensuring you're well-equipped for thorough cleaning sessions. Here's why these cloths stand out:

  • Dust-Catching Fibers: Embedded with specially designed fibers, these cloths excel at capturing dust particles, ensuring your surfaces remain pristine.
  • Mineral-Oil Treated: Each cloth is treated with mineral oil, enhancing its dust pickup capacity and leaving behind a polished finish without any pesky lint or residue.
  • Long-Lasting Power: Engineered for durability, these cloths maintain their effectiveness over multiple uses, making them a cost-efficient choice for your cleaning needs.
  • Versatile Cleaning: Whether it's regular housekeeping or periodic dusting, these cloths are up to the task, providing reliable performance every time.
  • Activation Tip: Before using, remember to stretch the cloth to activate its dust-catching pockets fully.

Don't settle for subpar cleaning results. Invest in Stretch 'n Dust Cloths today and experience the difference. Shop now at for all your cleaning essentials.

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