Standard DVD Case, Black, 10/Pack

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Standard DVD Case Black Pack

Organize your DVD collection effortlessly with our pack of DVD Case Black Pack cases. Each pack contains 10 sturdy cases, providing ample storage for your favorite movies, TV series, or personal recordings. Crafted from durable plastic, these cases offer reliable protection for your discs, keeping them safe from scratches, dust, and other damage.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality plastic, these DVD cases are built to last, ensuring long-term protection for your discs.
  • Interior Tabs: Each case features interior tabs designed to securely hold booklets or informational inserts, keeping everything neatly organized.
  • Transparent Sleeve: The outer sleeve of the case is transparent, allowing for easy labeling and customization. Simply insert cover artwork or label cards to identify the contents of each case.
  • Space-Saving Design: With a standard size that fits most DVD collections, these cases are compact yet spacious enough to hold a single disc securely.
  • Multipack Convenience: Our pack includes 10 black DVD cases, providing excellent value for organizing larger collections or multiple sets.

Whether you're a movie enthusiast, a filmmaker, or simply looking to organize your media library, these black DVD cases offer practicality and convenience. Say goodbye to cluttered shelves and misplaced discs—keep your collection tidy and accessible with these reliable cases. Shop now at for all your storage and organization needs.


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