Smead™ Shelf-Master Reinforced End Tab Colored Folders, Straight Tabs, Letter Size, 0.75" Expansion, Lavender, 100/Box

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Smead™ Shelf-Master Reinforced End Tab Colored Folders

Smead™ Shelf-Master Reinforced End Tab Colored Folders in Lavender offer a reliable solution for efficient shelf-filing in offices, businesses, or home environments. These folders are designed to provide convenience and durability for organizing documents. With a 0.75" expansion, they accommodate a significant amount of paperwork while maintaining a neat appearance.

  • The lavender color of these folders serves a functional purpose, allowing for quick identification and categorization of different types of files. Whether it's for specific projects, clients, or categories, the color-coded system helps streamline document management.
  • Featuring Shelf-Master® reinforced, double-thick end tabs, these folders ensure superior durability and longevity. The straight-cut design provides ample space for extensive labeling, allowing for detailed organization and easy retrieval of documents.
  • These folders are an industry standard for their reliability and practicality. They are suitable for use in various filing systems, including shelves, cabinets, or file drawers. Whether you're managing important paperwork at work or keeping your home office organized, Lavender Shelf-Master End Tab Folders offer a dependable solution to your filing needs.

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