Smead™ Shelf-Master Reinforced End Tab Colored Folders, Straight Tabs, Letter Size, 0.75" Expansion, Gray, 100/Box

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Smead™ Shelf-Master Reinforced End Tab Colored Folders

Introducing Smead™ Shelf-Master Reinforced End Tab Colored Folders, available at Flipcost. These folders are an industry standard for efficient shelf-filing, designed to make your filing system more organized and accessible. Here's why they are a must-have:

  • Efficient Shelf-Filing: Smead™ Shelf-Master folders are designed to streamline your filing system. With these folders, you can easily organize your documents for quick retrieval, saving you time and effort.

  • Color-Coding: The colored folders allow you to quickly identify different types of files, making it easy to categorize and locate important documents at a glance. Whether you're sorting by project, client, or category, the vibrant colors help you stay organized.

  • Superior Durability: Thanks to the Shelf-Master® reinforced, double-thick tabs, these folders offer superior durability. They can withstand frequent handling and heavy use without tearing or bending, ensuring your documents stay secure and protected.

  • Ample Labeling Space: The straight-cut design provides plenty of space for extensive labeling, allowing you to customize your folders with detailed information. Whether you need to add file names, dates, or other identifiers, there's room for it all, making organization a breeze.

Upgrade your filing system with Smead™ Shelf-Master Reinforced End Tab Colored Folders from Flipcost. With their durability, color-coding options, and ample labeling space, these folders are the perfect solution for keeping your documents organized and accessible.

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