Smead™ Manila File Jackets Legal Size, 2-Ply Straight Tab, , Manila, 100/Box

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Smead™ Manila File Jackets Legal Size

Smead™ Manila File Jackets in Legal Size are an essential office accessory, perfect for transporting files in and out of the workplace. These file jackets are designed with practicality and durability in mind. Closed on three sides, they provide comprehensive protection for your important papers and documents, ensuring they stay secure during transit.

  • The thumb cut feature on these file jackets makes it easy to access your documents quickly without hassle. Whether you need to retrieve a single sheet or multiple pages, the thumb cut design allows for smooth and effortless access.
  • Moreover, the back tab of these file jackets is positioned 0.5 inches higher than the front, which facilitates easy indexing. This feature helps in organizing your files efficiently, enabling you to locate specific documents with ease when needed.
  • Ideal for legal-sized documents, these Manila File Jackets from Smead™ are a reliable choice for any office environment. Whether you're archiving files, transporting paperwork, or simply need to keep documents organized, these file jackets provide the solution you need. Explore our range of Smead™ Manila File Jackets Legal Size at and ensure your documents are well-protected and easily accessible.

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