Sand Screen Discs 20 Inch, 100 Grit, Gray, 10/Carton

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Sand Screen Discs 20 Inch, 100 Grit, Gray

Flipcost introduces Sand Screen Discs, essential tools for aggressive removal and repair tasks. These discs are versatile, designed to tackle coatings repair on various surfaces, including wood, gym, or painted floors. Here's why you should consider Sand Screen Discs 20 Inch by Flipcost:

  • Aggressive Removal: Sand Screen Discs by Flipcost offer aggressive removal capabilities, making them perfect for tackling tough coatings on surfaces like wood and painted floors.

  • Repair Efficiency: Whether you're refinishing a gym floor or repairing scratches on a painted surface, these discs provide efficient repair solutions, ensuring a smooth and professional finish.

  • Dual-Sided Usability: Flipcost's Sand ScreFen Discs are usable on both sides, maximizing their lifespan and providing excellent value for money. You can rely on these discs for multiple projects without compromising on performance.

  • High-Quality Construction: Manufactured with premium materials, these discs are built to withstand heavy-duty applications, ensuring durability and consistent performance throughout their use.

  • Wide Diameter and Grit Range: With a 20-inch diameter and available in 100 grit, these discs offer versatility to meet various project requirements, from aggressive material removal to fine finishing.

  • Convenience and Value: Flipcost provides these Sand Screen DiscFs in convenient cartons of 10, offering value for money and easy storage for your projects.

For quality sanding results and reliable performance, trust Flipcost's Sand ScreFen Discs for your next project. Visit to explore our range of sanding solutions and shop with confidence.

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