Rubbermaid® Commercial Vented Round Brute Container, 32 gal, Plastic, Yellow

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Rubbermaid® Commercial Vented Round Brute Container

Rubbermaid Commercial Vented Round Brute Container is an essential solution for waste management in various environments. With a capacity of 32 gallons and constructed from durable plastic, this container is designed to withstand heavy loads and tough environments.

  • One notable feature is its rounded handles, making lifting and moving easier while being reinforced to resist tearing or damage from heavy loads. The reinforced base is engineered for rough surfaces, ensuring longevity and durability, even in the most demanding settings.
  • Additionally, the yellow color of the container complements recycling, sortation, and organization needs within your facility. Its seamless construction makes cleaning hassle-free, ensuring a hygienic environment.
  • The stackable design allows for easy nesting during transport and storage, optimizing space efficiency. Whether in commercial, industrial, or institutional settings, this Rubbermaid container offers practicality and reliability for waste management needs.
  • Shop now at for the Rubbermaid Commercial Vented Round Brute Containers, the perfect solution for efficient waste disposal and recycling management. Rounded handles and reinforced base ensure durability and ease of use. Complements recycling needs. Stackable design for easy transport and storage. 

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