Reflections Heavyweight Silver Plastic Spoon Utensils, 6.25", 40/Pack, 8 Packs/Carton

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Reflections Heavyweight Silver Plastic Spoon Utensils

Elevate your dining experience with our Reflections Heavyweight Plastic Utensils, specifically the Silver Plastic Spoon variant. Crafted to mimic the elegance of real silverware, these spoons offer the perfect blend of sophistication and convenience. Ideal for various occasions, from casual gatherings to formal events, these utensils add a touch of class to any table setting.

Product Features:

  • Realistic Appearance: Designed to resemble traditional silver spoons, these utensils exude an air of sophistication, enhancing the overall dining ambiance.
  • Heavyweight Plastic: Despite their disposable nature, these spoons boast heavyweight construction, ensuring durability and reliability during use.
  • Convenient Pack Size: Each pack contains 40 spoons, providing an ample supply for small to medium-sized gatherings. With 8 packs per carton, you'll have an abundant stock on hand for larger events.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you're hosting a birthday party, wedding reception, or corporate luncheon, these spoons are versatile enough to meet your catering needs.
  • Easy Cleanup: Enjoy the convenience of disposable cutlery without sacrificing style. After use, simply dispose of the utensils for quick and hassle-free cleanup.

Upgrade your tableware collection with our Silver Plastic Spoon Utensils and impress your guests with their stunning appearance and practical functionality. Shop now at for all your event hosting essentials.


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