Refill Ink for Classix Stamps, 2 oz Bottle, Blue

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Refill Ink for Classix Stamps


Keep your Classix stamps performing at their best with this specially formulated 2 oz bottle of blue ink refill. Designed to deliver vibrant, long-lasting color, this ink ensures your stamps make a bold impression every time. With enough ink to re-ink the average stamp up to 375 times, it provides exceptional value for all your stamping needs.

Key Features:

  • Specially made for Classix® stamps.
  • Vibrant blue color for striking impressions.
  • Each bottle re-inks stamps up to 375 times.
  • Thousands of crisp, clear impressions guaranteed.

Extend the Life of Your Stamps Extend the life of your stamps with ease by using this convenient ink refill. Say goodbye to dull, faded impressions and hello to sharp, vibrant ones with just a few drops of this high-quality ink. Whether you're using your stamps for business or personal use, this refill ensures your stamps remain reliable and professional-looking.

Easy to Use and Economical Refilling your stamps is a breeze with the precision nozzle of this 2 oz bottle. Simply apply a few drops of ink to the stamp pad, and your stamps will be ready to use in no time. Plus, with enough ink to re-ink your stamps hundreds of times, this refill is a cost-effective solution for maintaining your stamp collection.

Shop now at and keep your Classix stamps looking fresh and vibrant with this premium blue ink refill.


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