Pressboard Classification Folders 2" Expansion, 1 Divider, 4 Fasteners, Letter Size, Earth Red Exterior, 10/Box

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Pressboard Classification Folders 2" Expansion 

Pressboard Classification Folders are essential tools for organizing documents efficiently. With a 2" expansion, 1 divider, and 4 fasteners, these folders are designed to keep your papers neatly sectioned and secure. The Earth Red exterior adds a professional touch to your filing system.

  • Constructed from heavy-duty pressboard, these folders are built to withstand regular use. The Tyvek® reinforced expandable file gusset ensures maximum durability, even when the folder is filled to capacity. This feature is particularly useful for handling bulky files without worrying about tears or damage.
  • Each folder includes a divider, allowing you to categorize your documents for easy reference. Whether you're managing client files, project documents, or personal records, these folders provide the organization you need to stay efficient.
  • With 10 folders in each box, you'll have an ample supply to tackle various filing tasks. Whether you're working in a busy office environment or managing your home paperwork, these folders offer reliability and convenience.
  • Shop now at for Pressboard Classification Folders and elevate your filing system with durable, efficient organization.

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