Pacon® Spectra ArtKraft Duo-Finish Paper, 48 lb Text Weight, 48" x 200 ft, Flame

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Spectra ArtKraft Duo-Finish Paper

Pacon® Spectra ArtKraft Duo-Finish Paper in Flame offers versatility and durability for a range of artistic endeavors. At 48 lb text weight and measuring 48" x 200 ft, this heavyweight paper provides ample space for creativity.

Its Duo-Finish® design allows for two distinct surfaces: a smooth side perfect for felt pens, finger painting, and fine line drawing, and a textured side that readily accepts chalk, watercolor, tempera, and acrylic paints.

  • This paper's Flame color adds vibrancy to any project, making it ideal for creating eye-catching displays, posters, or artwork. Whether you're a teacher stocking your classroom or an artist in need of reliable materials, Pacon® Spectra ArtKraft Paper is a top choice.
  1. With its flame hue, this paper brings warmth and intensity to your creations. It's perfect for seasonal decorations, classroom activities, or themed projects. The heavyweight construction ensures durability, so your artwork remains intact and vibrant.
  • Whether you're crafting intricate designs with felt pens or adding layers of texture with paints, this paper provides the support and quality you need. Get your hands on Pacon® Spectra ArtKraft Duo-Finish Paper in Flame today and let your creativity soar.

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