P6X Pico Projector, 1,100 lm, 1280 x 800 Pixels

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P6X Pico Projector

Introducing the P6X Pico Projector, a compact powerhouse designed to elevate your viewing experience anywhere you go. With an impressive brightness of 1,100 lumens and a high resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, this projector delivers stunning visuals that captivate audiences.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-bright 1,100 lumens for vibrant images even in well-lit environments.
  • High-resolution display with 1280 x 800 pixels ensures crisp and clear visuals.
  • Portable design allows for easy transportation in your laptop bag or briefcase.
  • Versatile connectivity options including HDMI, USB, TF Card, and 3.5mm Audio Out.
  • Long-lasting battery life of up to four hours ensures uninterrupted viewing sessions.

Enhanced Performance: Experience the convenience of a fifth-generation LED projector equipped with 30,000-hour Osram LEDs combined with DLP technology. This ensures reliable performance and longevity, making it perfect for both professional presentations and home entertainment.

Versatile Usage: Whether you're giving a business presentation or enjoying movie night with friends and family, the P6X Pico Projector is your go-to solution. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal for travel, outdoor camping, or simply setting up a quick movie screening in your backyard.

Shop now at Flipcost.com: Elevate your viewing experience with the P6X Pico Projector. Enjoy high-resolution visuals and versatile connectivity options wherever you go. Shop now at Flipcost.com and bring your entertainment to life.


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