Original Citrus Scent Cleaner, 8 oz Bottle, 12/Carton

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Original Citrus Scent Cleaner 

Original Citrus Scent Cleaner comes in an 8 oz bottle and is sold in packs of 12, making it perfect for households, businesses, and cleaning professionals.

  • The Citrus Power Cleaner is your go-to solution for tackling sticky, gummy, greasy, and gooey messes. Its unique formula combines the natural power of citrus with advanced scientific technology to effectively eliminate even the toughest stains.
  • Say goodbye to adhesives, gum, tar, crayon, scuff marks, wax, sap, and more with ease. This versatile cleaner can be safely used on hard non-porous surfaces like countertops and floors, as well as on carpeting, upholstery, clothing, and more.
  • Whether you're dealing with spills in the kitchen, stains on your carpet, or residue on your car, the Citrus Power Cleaner gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, its refreshing citrus scent leaves your space smelling clean and fresh.

Don't let tough stains ruin your day. Stock up on the Original Citrus Power Cleaner today and experience the cleaning power for yourself. Shop now at Flipcost.com!

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